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alright, okay, you win.
February 16, 2010, 2:30 am
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As far as DSLR photography goes, I’ve always been a huge supporter of Nikon. From the way the glass feels in my hands, to their mega- range of lens that are still in commission, Nikons keep me trigger happy,

but BOY! Canons have it made with their new onslaught of digital video features. Whether it’s the latest SNL intro sequence or a shoestring indie feature with a vision, the Canon 5D’s and 7D’s are popping up everywhere. The reason is simple: shoot amazing looking video that is comparable to film, at a fraction of the price. Slap some scenes together with Final Cut, add a catchy song and BAM, visual candy. Of course, it really isn’t that easy, but these new DSLRs will be revolutionizing television and film production.

The producers of the Star Wars prequels invited Philip Bloom to provide a demonstration and consultation on the Canons. Check out what he was able to achieve with a $3500 DSLR camera and a $350 camera glider (first of its kind). I never thought I would use Skywalker and sexy in the same sentence.