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avid tweets! and more
April 13, 2009, 12:38 am
Filed under: assistant editing, avid, final cut

I’ve been complaining about how most links I find online are on FCP support. I came across a bunch on Avid today. The following are a list of tips that you may find extremely helpful while assisting or editing.

– Avid Man of Avid Tips started a twitter account that is strictly tips. If you have a twitter account, you should definitely sign up for one. Who knows? You might come across a serendipitous tweet while in the edit bay.

– The Edit Blog recently had a series of 28 days of quicktips that is FCP and Avid mixed. Going through each link may be a little time consuming, but well worth it. Here are the ones I found most useful.

  • (18) selecting all source clips on the Avid and hitting ctrl+I will give you a total duration time.
  • (23) if you drag effect icon next under the title bar of the effect palette window into your bin, you can save your customized effects.
  • (26) This one is a biggie! A lot of time will be wasted if an insufficient EDL is sent to the online editor. If you’re on Avid, one thing to get in the habit of doing is to add comments for shots that the need special attention. All you have to do is select your clip on the timeline, get into segment mode (red arrow) and choose “add comments”. Anything you write will show up in the EDL.
  • (1) CAPSLOCK on FCP will disable rendering. This will save you lots of time during slight adjustment during large projects. On a side note, hitting CAPSLOCK on after effects will disable the preview during rendering, which will also save you generous amounts of time.

Rockhopper Post Production kindly provides a page of useful tips that every assistant editor should know. Like, how to find a custom image for each clip in frame bin view (select clip in frame view and hit JKL to select desired image).