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low end HD showdown
April 29, 2009, 6:38 pm
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Trying to figure out which HD camera is best for your workflow and budget? Maybe this will help:


Format hoots HD, 720p, 1080i or 1080p, has 2 SxS card slots

Recording method records to SxS card

Workflow SxS cards require XD Cam transfer– but SxS cards fit directly into laptops with ExpressCard slots for immediate editing on Final Cut Pro.

Daily Rental Estimate $350 to $475 with HD monitor+ $70 per 16gb SxS card



Format shoots in SD or HD, 720p or 1080i, has 2 P2 card slots

Recording Method records to P2 card for HD or mini DV for SD.

Workflow P2 cards need P2 card adapter to go into laptop or hard drive.

Operator should organize media for AVID and transfer P2 card media to a PC formatted hard drive upon wrap  or deliver P2 cards to Post and they’ll do transfer. Easy workflow with Mac’s and FCP.

Daily Rental Estimate $325 to $500 with HD monitor

+ $75 per 16gb P2 card **This is the camera model that many owner/operators have and they may rent their package for less than $325.**



Format shoots SD or HD, 720p and 1080i with wide lens option, has 4 p2 card slots.

Recording Method shoots to P2 or to DVCPro.

Workflow P2 cards need P2 card adapter to go into laptop or hard drive.

Operator should organize media for AVID and transfer P2 card media to a PC formatted hard drive upon wrap  or deliver P2 cards to Post and they’ll do transfer. Easy workflow with Mac’s and FCP.

Daily Rental Estimate $650 to $750 with HD monitor + $75 per 16gb P2 card


pan-ajhdx900Format shoots HD, 720p or 1080i with wide lens option, does not have p2 card option.

Recording method records to tape only — DVCPro.

Workflow regular HD tape workflow.

Daily Rental Estimate $800 to $900 with HD monitor + cost of tapestock @ $24 per 46 minutes


avid tweets! and more
April 13, 2009, 12:38 am
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I’ve been complaining about how most links I find online are on FCP support. I came across a bunch on Avid today. The following are a list of tips that you may find extremely helpful while assisting or editing.

– Avid Man of Avid Tips started a twitter account that is strictly tips. If you have a twitter account, you should definitely sign up for one. Who knows? You might come across a serendipitous tweet while in the edit bay.

– The Edit Blog recently had a series of 28 days of quicktips that is FCP and Avid mixed. Going through each link may be a little time consuming, but well worth it. Here are the ones I found most useful.

  • (18) selecting all source clips on the Avid and hitting ctrl+I will give you a total duration time.
  • (23) if you drag effect icon next under the title bar of the effect palette window into your bin, you can save your customized effects.
  • (26) This one is a biggie! A lot of time will be wasted if an insufficient EDL is sent to the online editor. If you’re on Avid, one thing to get in the habit of doing is to add comments for shots that the need special attention. All you have to do is select your clip on the timeline, get into segment mode (red arrow) and choose “add comments”. Anything you write will show up in the EDL.
  • (1) CAPSLOCK on FCP will disable rendering. This will save you lots of time during slight adjustment during large projects. On a side note, hitting CAPSLOCK on after effects will disable the preview during rendering, which will also save you generous amounts of time.

Rockhopper Post Production kindly provides a page of useful tips that every assistant editor should know. Like, how to find a custom image for each clip in frame bin view (select clip in frame view and hit JKL to select desired image).

balance me white
March 31, 2009, 10:22 pm
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whether it be photoshop, FCP or Avid, you can follow these simple tips to make your image look more natural and finessed.

– Use your eyedrop tool to reset the whites and blacks in your image.
– Look at the details in your highlights and shadows. Are they visible or are they washed out? You may want to try again if you are losing information.
– If there are people in natural lighting, check their skin tones out. This is the best way to know if you have successfully corrected color. Sometimes you a Paris Hilton orange thing going on.

Some reading material

Color Correction for the Video Guy
Do all the options on your color correction tool look too intimidating to you? This post explains to you the functions of highlights, midranges and the mysterious gamma.

Creative Cow’s Correcting White Balance
An easy to follow FCP tutorial video that demonstrates the steps necessary to color correct your mis-white balanced picture.

Eyefetch’s Photoshop Balance Tutorial
A very straightforward tutorial with screencaps.

Cambridge in Color
This is a more in depth look at color temperature and white balancing with your camera. You will definitely get better results if you white balance correctly ear in the game.

Assistants UNITE!
March 30, 2009, 10:45 pm
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There isn’t nearly enough reading material on the interwebz to help assistant video editors. It just doesn’t make sense to me. I would definitely love to see a virtual space where we can vent our assisting frustrations, help each other troubleshoot, organize assistant editor dance parties (yeah?!). For now, I just have a short list. I’ll be updating this as I find more resources online.

A Final Cut Pro User’s Guide for Professional Editing Tasks and Best Practice
This is a great resource for anyone using FCP. It covers topics that range from setting up a project to getting paid as a freelance, and everything in between. Very well organized with tons of screen captures. This is the only blog I’ve found so far that is written specifically for assistant editing.

Alex 4d: Editing Organazized
A FCP blog written by Alex Gollner. It comes with many freebies, including plugins and filters. 

Ken Stone’s Final Cut Pro
Who doesn’t know Ken Stone? Aside from all the wonderful tips on FCP, this page also has tutorials on dvd studio pro and compressor –  a must know for assistants. With  a very simple layout, you can get to your help topic quick!

any avid blogs out there?

How to Shoot HDR with a D40X
March 27, 2009, 1:49 am
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I’m in love with my D40X. It’s so petite and portable, I want to give it a good, hard squeeze on its cheeks like a proud grandma. The only complaint I have with it is that it doesn’t autobracket, which makes it a little more difficult to get the perfect HDR shot.

But no fear! All you need is a tripod and some quick tips, and you’ll be on your way. First make sure your camera is firmly mounted on your tripod. If there is too much discretion within each exposure, you will get a blurry final comp. Also, make sure that you bracket with shutter speed and not aperture, since adjust the aperture with change your depth of field and may cause your camera to refocus. You’ll also end up with a blurry end product.

Simply set your camera to manual and meter your exposure, then set your camera to aperture (A) mode. Hold down the +/- button and start toggling the wheel left and right. There a lot of opinions online on how much you want to bracket. For me, it was a trial and error method. I took at least 8 different exposures for each set up 2 ev’s apart. In the end, you’d want to grab as many as you can if it is your first time so you have options during processing.

When you shoot, pay attention to your previews and histogram to make sure you grab enough detail from both the highlights and the shadows. One thing to look out for is the glowing reflections off of solid surfaces during long exposures. This will cause what they call the “halo” effect.


March 26, 2009, 7:29 pm
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cpazepMy really good friend C-PAZ celebrated his birthday last week. Being as broke as I am, I made him an ep cover using the songs that he posted online. It was inspired by Fabio’s water color effects tutorial on psdtuts.